The Waiting Game

Here it is.  A brand new year.  Things are quiet here at Half Caper Farm.  Breeding season is pretty much finished for the goats.  Now we settle down and wait for kidding season to begin. 

I’ve still got two goats producing milk – Kitty, almost two, and Tiara, coming five.  Kitty decided that she didn’t want anything to do with the boys this year, so I will be milking her “through”, which means that she will keep producing milk through a second year without kidding.  Tiara is only halfway through her pregnancy, but already she is looking large, and the last few days she has been uncomfortable about jumping up on the milkstand.  Time to let her dry off and put all her energy into her growing kids. 

I’m a little concerned about Tiara.  Last year, I dried her off two months before her due date, as usual.  Then the day before she kidded, I decided that she wasn’t showing any signs of being pregnant <mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble> and was planning to throw her back in with the main herd.  I came out next day to find three, count ’em, three little white kids in the pen.  I still don’t know where she had them tucked away so as not to look pregnant.  It’s making me wonder how many she is planning to pop out this year!

I have two does due to kid about three or four weeks before Tiara.  They are new to me.  Dakota is a grade Saanen, two years old, and her daughter, as yet unnamed, is a Saanen/LaMancha.  She looks like a Saanen with no ears.  I don’t have an exact due date for either one, so life will be interesting for the last half of February.  Lots of peering at goat butts and just generally standing and observing.  You know all those stereotypical images of farmers leaning on the gate and staring at their livestock?  That’s what they’re doing – watching their herds and flocks for anything out of the ordinary!

With things so quiet now, I have a little more time to devote to breaking my young mare, Sugar.  More about that in my next blog.

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